Boeltzenberger DX Club e.r.y.

In contesting and DXing there is one common enemy, the sudden Snooze. The time elapsed from the start of a looooooooong pile to the snooze is a constant [tB] , so called Boeltzenberger constant.
tB is different for each ham operator. E.g. for myself it is defined as tB(OH1RX). The key criteria is that there is a good pile up running on HF and the operator is caught to "fade away" from orchestrating that.

To cherish the noble tB, the The Boeltzenberg DX Club was established in 1995.

31423-494556.jpegThe Snooze by OH2MAK (demonstration only ... ?)


Skydiving medal, granted to Lasse by Kaitseliit (ES)

In Case of Emergency

(if the Club runs out of "Vittel"):

The Club Drink numero dos:
-       4cl Mumbai Sapphire
-       1cl De Kuypers Sour Grape
-       lemon / limon
-       Indian Tonic Water (not too much)
-       NO Ice (take the Mumbai Sapphire directly from deep freeze)