AGM 2019

Boeltzenberger DX Club e.r.y.

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting 2019 

Participants / Voting List
Hans, OH2EA, member no. 1, Chairman 
Jouko, OH1RX, member no. 2, undersecretary

Lasse, OH2MAK, member no. 3 
Olli, OH0XX, member no. 5 
Pekka, OH1RY, member no. 7

QTH 1:
Latitude: 60.1733 / 60° 10' 23" N Longitude: 24.941 / 24° 56' 27" E
QTH locator : KP20LE

Ravintola Zetor, Mummonkammari
Mannerheimintie 3-5, Kaivopiha, Helsinki
Date: Thursday 29.8. AD2019

1. Opening of the meeting; Mr. Chair opened the meeting at 11:02z

2. Election of the Chairman to the meeting; Mr. Chair was elected as the chairman of the meeting.

3. Election of the secretary and scrutinizer(s) ; Jouko was elected as the secrtatery and Olli as the scrutinizer of the minutes.

4. Approval of the agenda; The agenda was approved.

5. Consideration whether the meeting has been duly conveyed and has quorum; Since Mr. Chair is present, the meeting is considered to have quorum.

6. Preparation of the voting list; see above

7. Opening remarks - one by one, all members (includes non-radio activities)

                      - Mr. Chair: since AGM 2018 was not not held, the current AGM is appreciated with applause.

                      - Olli: Why is the meeting always held in the south?

                      - Petrol-Peedro; great timing for the meeting; TU to all.

                      - Lasse; Nice to meet all after a long time!

                      - Jouko; anxiety increases the output.
                         Reluctant invitation brings good results and old geese out of their comfort           zone (pond).

                      7a. : "BDXC Sorbus – perhaps AGM 2020 the Drink.( see below in Finnish)

8. Presentation of the annual report: activities and achievements during the
    DX year 2018-2019 : ONE, only ONE the single most important activity per member (subjective assessment)

- Mr. Chair: 2.5months in the woods. VP6D wkd = all CW DXCC in the log. 10days/3h per day calling => now R. Thanks? to putkiremppa. Nw all current  DXCC entities in the log on 20m CW!

- Jouko: Wkd KH1 as OH8MJ – several early morning tries ; sloper dipole w. 100W; in log.

- Olli: 27 yrs of EA Concurso Nacional Telegrafia; still no. 1. OH QSOs credited with a Canary Island postcard: OH2EA, OH2KI, OG2M, OH6CT!

 - Pekka; EA8AH – every RTTY contest brings no.1 position.

 - Lasse; Raattama QTH has got now 1G-5G multimode QRV + Narinkkatori 5G, too.

9. Other Reports:

- Mr. Chair; he has been nominated by East Helsinki youngters as;  “Cannum Aluminus Maximus”, “JackPot” and “PulloPate”;  great appreciation to youth from Mr. Chair.

- Olli; nil

- Pekka; El Matador del Golf ; Murena Tour no. 1 => waiting for lucky draw prize.

- Lasse; nil

- Jouko; CWT OPS ; very poor quality CW skills – no qualifications to attend. FOC about the same quality.


10. Nomination of the Club Member of the DX Year 2018-2019;
With big applause and unanimous decision Martti OH2BH was nominted as the Club Member of the Year. IOTA Inakari effort was outstanding!

11. Resolution of the date and QTH for the AGM 2020.
Joukos proposal to the meeting was accepted. KP20pk98cc is tentatively the QTH for the AGM in June 2020. May we all be strong and alive then!

12. Other Matters

                      - FT8; €#€%&/()/&€#€%&/()&%€#€%&/()%€#€%&/()
                      - Contesting in OH. Future, is there any?; No long term recovery within a line of sight.

14. Closing remarks; Mr. Chair thanked the participants for the vivid participation and the team spirit (gin tasting). Meeting was closed at 13:05z



Sorbus-likööri Marttojen ohjeella

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2 l Koskenkorvaa tai muuta vodkaa
0,5 dl sokeria
1 dl vettä

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