AGM 2015

The BDXC Annual General Meeting was held in KP00uo hosted by member no. 9.
The Minutes and pictures wil the whole story.
Great OMs, great talks, great weather, great history, great future ahead!


From left: Member no. 9, no. 5, no. 8, Mr. Chair, no. 7, behind the camera no. 2.

Annual General Meeting 2015 – Minutes of the Meeting


Longitude : 21.69853 E (21° 41' 55'' E)

Latitude : 60.61128 N (60° 36' 41'' N)

QTH locator : KP00uo
Lautturintie 7, FI-233310 Taivassalo
Date: Friday 7.8. AD 2015
Time: ≈14.00z - …

Invitees = Members List = Voting List
Hans, OH2EA, member no. 1, Chairman - cmfd
Jouko, OH1RX, member no. 2, undersecretary - cmfd

Lasse, OH2MAK, member no. 3 – picking cloudberries @ OH9
Martti, OH2BH, member no. 4 – absent
Olli, OH0XX, member no. 5 - cfmd
Simo, DU/OH9UA, member no. 6 – Viber call was made ≈ 15z
Pekka, OH1RY, member no. 7 - cmfd
Jorma, OH2KI, member no. 8 -  cmfd
Jaakko, OH1TX, member no. 9 – His Master´s Voice

AGM Agenda:

1. Opening of the meeting; Mr. Chair
Chairman opened the Meeting 14:56z with merits to Jaska OH1TX. 

2. Election of the Chairman to the meeting
Mr. Chair was unanimously elected as the chairman of the meeting.

 3. Election of the secretary and scrutinizer(s)
OH1RX was elected as a secretary and OH1TX and OH0XX as scrutinizers to the meeting.

 4. Approval of the agenda
Agenda was approved. 

5. Consideration whether the meeting has been duly conveyed and has quorum
Meeting was considered as duly conveyed and quorum. 

6. Preparation of the voting list.
Voting list has been prepared and approved. 

7. Opening remarks - one by one all members (includes non-radio activities)
- Chair: Operation successful but patient died
- OH1TX: Un Veterano mas / I am taken that world famous DXers are present in Taivassalo
- OH0XX: Nauttikaamme kesäpäivästä! / Let us all enjoy the summer day!
- OH2KI: sail control cables broken, but all ok
- OH1RY: luckily no sailing, but Veterano QRV on the table
- OH1RX: WX vy a OK 

8. Presentation of the annual report : activities and achievements during the
DX year 2014-2015 : ONE most important activity per member.

- Chair:  100W and windom … TI9/UA9USU on the log on 10MHz
- OH1TX: 3 speditions to OH9, TF and Friedrichshafen
- OH0XX: Z81X ARRL CW and renewal of the Z81 license
- OH2KI: W2MEL 14MHz SSB, a friend from 1970s, now reconnected OTs
- OH1RY: Magic Mountain URE achievements: 160 contests / 60 won / 30 world records
- OH1RX: 6m is not virgin anymore from KP10nj, I am sorry
- OH2MAK : Ahovaara TV subtransmitter in Lappland was broken. New Year tin was not good enough for the repair in full operational condx. ;



9. Reports:
- Friedrichshafen 2015 (Jaakko)
- OJ0B (Martti) = Olli; 2 EME QSL cards were printed one week ago!
- SRAL Summer Camp: Jorma, Martti, Jaska ; OH1TX “Räyskälä was in good shape.”
- How to stay out of OH and QRV abroad most of the year? (Olli) ; Wife´s support is essential and plan is to accelerate the “out of OH QRV” by extremely tight schedule!

 10. Nomination of the Club Member of the DX Year 2014-2015
Jaakko OH1TX was elected as Club Member of the Year : K1N as a missing country was logged this year ; 22+ years waiting was fulfilled.

11. Resolution of the date and QTH for the AGM 2016.
Mommola, Kisko (KP20rg) calls in July 2016. Optionally a meeting to be held in LZ/member no. 7´s QTH was minuted, too.

12. Other Matters
- QRJ to absent members; OH9UA via Viber ok 13z, OH2MAK GSM QRJ, OH2BH GSM ;busy tone agn agn.
- Contesting ; AH0K, ZD2 and other arenas to come were ventilated.
- Terminology
- SV-xit ; was NOT discussed. The politics were absent to this high quality gathering
- give us back the analogue technology!
- future of the HF (no future)
- OH1RY: new club members? Proposal to invite Jyrki Nieminen / OH6CS.
Resolution: Nomination Committee to investigate the proposal.
- Nuclear strategy of Finland: high waves of debate was experienced. OH1RY minuted his support to the Pyhäjoki nuclear plant project and its benefits to Finland. It was agreed to revisit the matter in AGM 2016.
- BDXC Sailing Contest results @ KP00uo were disclosed with a round of applause. All but Member no. 7 finished the demanding triangle track. The sail servo motor was stuck, desverre.

 14. Closing remarks; Mr. Chair
“Listen children. Whether in ham radio, or in other arenas of life, the balance is the status where we are to pursue. Ying and Yang has been now achieved thus the meeting is called closed.”

The Meeting was closed at 19:30 by Mr. Chair.


Members QSY´d to 3720kHz AM. Each and everyone made a QSO with OH1TY using OH1TX´s history station. Following calls were applied:


Mr. Chair on 3720kHz in AM QSO with OH1TY.


 Member no. 9 and his self made station, (few years ago).


We are sailing!


 Skål på den saken.


             Member no. 7 á la Rotisseur.


   Overflight by the air force dignifies the Meeting (ok, might be a civil aircraft ...)