After some 30 years of travelling in business (and limited pleasure), you become blind to countries and cultures. However, here is a sampling of the snapshots taken by cameras and cameraphones aiming to show the magnificiant variety of cultures and the "western libido" what especially Asian countries have adopted - "somwhat, lah !"
Forget the quality of the pics - the one second opportunity to capture something interesting is more important, i.e. "Content is the King" !

Cherry Blossom in Tokyo 28.3.2006

Pachinko Hall, Tokyo (120dB noise level !)

350 000 Yen guitars in climatized boxes, Tokyo Japan. Dozo!

Wanna hire a lorry ? Shenzhen, China

In the summer time Finland is filled with all sorts of events. Here is one; National cow milking chair throwing Championship Games! - Kangaslampi, Finland

Electricity Distribution Box, Torrevieja Spain, April 2008

"Dual mode" aft mast (integrated funnel!) of S/S Sea Cloud II @ Helsinki harbour, July 2008

Recession, Denver CO style - no customers 4/2009

A Finn-Sovjet technology joint-venture, Latvia July 2009

Travel Bureau 1.8.2009

Mobile Business la Manila Nov. 2009: key duplicates, rubbers stamps, dry seal (where are the equipment?)

Moonshine Machine (Viinapannu) in the heart of town @ locator KP10nj

Air Baltic Taxi - no drunk driving in Riga, Latvia. January 2010.

You Choice; taxi or TAXI ! Tallinn, Estonia June/2010