100 years of Finland ́s independence - OF1RX


OF1RX: LotW and ClubLog will be updated daily. NO PAPER QSLs, thank you.
Let´s cut down the carbon footprint and make from our part the world for a bit better place for hams to come!

OH ham radio community will celebrate the Centenary of Finland’s independence  with a special prefix "OF".
You will hear a lot of OH stations signing as OF in 2017 (1st Jan, 31st Dec only).
QSL policy will vary from station to station.
SRAL, Finnish Amateur Radio Society, will sign as OF100FI

About Finland 100 years celebrations: http://suomifinland100.fi/?lang=en



DU/OH1RX in LZDXC 2009

Motto: "If it is not wireless, it is not worth the effort!"

Also: OH0J, OH8MJ, VR2MJ

Previous, deleted call signs: OH1NYP, OH0NYP, 9V1YB, 9M8JH, 9M6JO, VU3NYN

Signed in DXpeditions as: 9M0S, A61AF, DU9F, TF3IRA, XX9X, XZ1N, BS7H, OJØ/N4GN, VU3NYN, FO/OH1RX, OX/OH1RX, LA/OH1RX, TF/OH1RX, DU/OH1RX, DX7X


30 Years after 2009 

Long : 21.47763 E (21° 28' 39'' E)
Lat : 61.12689 N (61° 7' 37'' N)
QTH locator : KP01RD

In this old railroad car café we used to sip coffee and eat fresh donuts during breaks while perfecting our CW and studying RF engineering: Maritime College, Rauma, Finland.

The café car is still there but not operational. There is a new cafe with nice terrace facing the Rauma harbour, too. Try it out, if you enter up to Rauma / harbour side. "Rauman Merikahvila, Suojantie 5".



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