Getting there, OT but still on the bands almost daily!





DU/OH1RX in LZDXC 2009

Motto: "If it is not wireless, it is not worth the effort!"

Also: OH0J, OH8MJ, VR2MJ

Previous, deleted call signs: OH1NYP, OH0NYP, 9V1YB, 9M8JH, 9M6JO, VU3NYN

Signed in DXpeditions as: 9M0S, A61AF, DU9F, TF3IRA, XX9X, XZ1N, BS7H, OJØ/N4GN, VU3NYN, FO/OH1RX, OX/OH1RX, LA/OH1RX, TF/OH1RX, DU/OH1RX, DX7X


30 Years after 2009 

Long : 21.47763 E (21° 28' 39'' E)
Lat : 61.12689 N (61° 7' 37'' N)
QTH locator : KP01RD

In this old railroad car café where we used to sip coffee and eat fresh donuts during breaks while perfecting our CW and studying RF engineering: Maritime College, Rauma, Finland.

The café car is still there but not operational. There is a new cafe with nice terrace facing the Rauma harbour, too. Try it out, if you enter up to Rauma / harbour side. "Rauman Merikahvila, Suojantie 5".



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