World Radio Team Championships 8.-14.7.2014


WRTC2014 "Ham Radio Olympics" were held in Westborough, MA.

59 two-operator teams from all corners of the world gathered together

to join a 24-hour contest held in field-day type operation in tents.

I had the honor to participate as a referee for one of the teams.


This was a good re-union trip for me. Most of the friends from WRTC2002

held in Finland were present and new, interesting friendships was established, too.


Pictures and well updated will tell the story


The Podium

Site 15D = W1i = Referee OH1RX, Team:  Ray W2RE & Lee WW2DX and station Manager Gary Powers KB1KA
(no, not the same U2, pilot who was shot down 1.6.1960 above Sovjet Union)