Making wine á la Provence

Basic equation of the modern, European agricultural business: It is great way of living and having fun as long as you have got money !
I lived the first 18years of my life in a milk farm of ten cows. Today the breakeven might be some 40 to 50 cows.

Here below are some snapshots of this EU govt. pet baby. 
Do not take this seriously, it is only our FOOD !

Hen without toilet paper !

Barley in its fines form

Taking care of fields - what ever it takes 

Shingles under the arm - Päreitä kainalossa

Grand Machinery from ca. year 1900

Original Finnish cows called "Kyyttö" - the best grasscutters one can imagine

Job done, time to go back to winter barn

Firewood for the long Finnish winter, GUT GEMACHT Björn !

Big boys, big toys


Retro hay harvest

Cleaning old fields from bushes and trees. +32C in shadow - a kind of masochism or "cruelty to the young lads". Well, they volunteered ...

Heavy Christmas Storm 25.12. @ Mommola. Lots of "toothpick stuff" to be cleaned from forest and gardens.