The Perfect Catch

I have played since early 1970s with B/W and Colour Positive photographing.  When asked, I am a "Canon man"; FTB, AE-1, A-1 and recently EOS 20D and EOS 5D are my "weapons" with lenses from 24mm upto 1000mm. 1980s was my decade of bird watching and photographing.

Lenses range from 24mm to a 1000mm monster.

Currently I am more devoted to "People in association with the nature". VDV-video editing to home movies with Pinnacle Studio takes time from very serious SLR shooting.

I will show here some "shots of the month" (when my self-criticism allows that to happen, hi!)

If you want to use my pics, do contact for permission, thanks.

Canon FTB, my reliable workhorse for tough conditions (read: sub -20C in the winter)

Otter´s winter trail to the mill spout in Southwest Finland, March 2006

Fox Trail, Southwest Finland Archipelago, Feb. 2006 

Horse´s hoof print in the snow - laminar corium is warm as human foot. Shoes without socks! 

Summer evening lights 

Finnish "Ukko" slug

"Windy Dog" 

Hide and seek in open space 

Sea Eagle, Mariehamn harbour 20th March, 2006 11:00 am. 

Sea Eagle, nice flying pattern 20th March, 2006 11:00 am

Our cat, Ms. Misu sending a fax

Cassowary, The Queenland´s Pride

This is the pic never taken by me, but the encounter with an adult cassowary
in Northeastern Queensland, up in the rainforest on a rainy day in Nov. 2004 
was unforgettable. 
Cassowary is claimed to be the rarest bird in Australia, if not in the whole world. 44


Cygnus Cygnus (Whooper Swans) having a "pit stop" on the 17th April 2006 in Southwest Finland

SWAN - bird of Ultima Thule

Swan, or more exactly whooper swan (Cygnus cygnus), is one of the national symbols of Finland. Being a majestic bird, it has always fascinated the Finnish people, and it has an important status in the Finnish mythology, e.g. in our national epos Kalevala.

Swan was earlier regarded as a holy bird especially in eastern Karelia. However, the first half of 1900's was hard time for it in Finland. In 1940's the breeding population decreased down to about some tens of pairs due to hunting and disturbing. The last swans lived in the northernmost Lappland.

Fortunately the Finnish people found again their respect to swan, of which we can be thankful for one man, Yrjö Kokko, who wrote a book named "Laulujoutsen - Ultima Thulen lintu" ("Swan - bird of Ultima Thule"). Nowadays the breeding population has increased to 1200-1400 pairs. Successful breedings take place even in the southern Finland in regions where that has not happen earlier.

Swans can be seen most easily during migration times in April and in October-November. Resting swans are a typical sight everywhere in lakes and seashores. If winter is warm without ice in lakes or sea, swans can then stay in Finland. In addition to the Finnish population, a part of Russian birds migrate across Finland

Bombycilla garrulus in Kisko, Finland 

Alces alces, 18.6.2006, picture courtesy by my daughter Saara, 11 years.

Gold Medal in YLE Finland, Ekolokero Photograph Contest for children Oct. 2006

Full Moon over Näsijärvi, Finland 

Aurora Borealis, 21.8.2006 01.50 am., Kangaslampi, Finland 

YIT Ltd. made it as first: MERRY CHRISTMAS !

Two sea eagles wheeling over a sound in Tjudö, Finström, Åland Island 29th Oct. 2006

Tjudö,Åland - sunset in early Oct. 2006 - NATURAL LIGHT, NO FILTERS !!

Nixor, Finby 24.10.2006 - pouring rain killed the scent of man
and I managed to get really close to an elg and her fawn

Branta canadensis 3rd Nov. 11.20am, -6C, North 15m/s - tough guys!

Tough guy in Finby waters - 5th Nov. 2005 4pm. -4C, North 5 m/s 

The taste of wood

Let the sunshine in. Sunrise 10.10.2008 taken from balcony at home in Salo. 

Cinclus cinclus having lunch under a jetty. No cold feet man! 

Two Lutra lutra enjoying bathing during a very short winter day in Southwest Finland 

Close up ... taken far away, sorry. 

Aerodynamic car design by mother nature

Global warming in action - fungus growing in December. Perniö, Finland.

Global warming in action: Whooper Swans (Cygnus cygnus) ca. 30 of them, decline to migrate
but are having their third week in a row " a picnic" in Kisko, Finland. 21st Dec., 2008. 

28.1.2009 - our new family member Ms. Fern Bianca, a.k.a. "Nada" 

Lampyris noctiluca 26.6. 2009 00:30

 I spent good 15 mins taking tens of shots of her before she decided to shut the lights.

"ÅWW" - an Åland Wide Web

The Watch Dog 

Mergus merganser went for a Christmas swim; -5C, Easterly 12 m/s - strong boys and girls.

Lutra lutras winter trail to their preferred Christmas bathing spot. 

The call of the nature - well, I took her in right after this photo shoot.

Lepus timidus - Winter Highway 

Parus caeruleus - a.k.a. "Nököttäjä"

Capreolus capreolus - Dinner Table, poor manners 

Lunch on the same field than above two months later. 

Predator and Prey - Vulpes vulpes and Apodemus flavicollis 

Freedom run by Ms. Nada Fern Bianca

Winter trail to a swimming pool - Lutra lutra (-22C) hrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

"Twisted Sister"

Young elk - trail towards a bridge and open water - photo taken 13.3.2010

We read from local newspaper on Saturday morning 13.3. ( Salon Seudun Sanomat that on Friday a young elk had drowned below the Ulkoluoto bridge. Ca. 300 m to the right the elk would have succeeded in reaching the island.

The table is set.

Nordic spring wonders - the road split in two.

Probably the most perfect rainbow that I have ever seen. Kisko Finland 18.7.2010 10 pm.

Nest of a Muscicapa striata in a lampette

Autumn "Made in Sweden" 

Two storey home. 

"Rometie 10-12 Properties Ltd."


Sunset Boulevard
Kärsämäki, Finland

Young Herring Gull (Larus argentatus) in Tallinn. No fear, sailing with us on a ferry to Helsinki, Finland.

Jumbo and the Old Lady.

"This is my lunch box, go away!"
European otter join me fishing along the Ii river in late autumn 2013.



Grus Grus Family having lunch.


"Guggenheim de Finlande"


Turdus merula - trail to the bird feeder


Amazing Northern Spring - mid March and the first bloom!
(let us see for how long we can enjoy this weather...)


Sunny spring day. Frincilla coelebs hit the kitchen window and fell directly to the shingle basket (a.k.a. "pärekori", 
a traditional Finnish firewood case). We let him rest in peace for ca. 20 mins and then he flew to continue 
to date his darling(s) around our house. - Lucky boy!


Ardea cinerea fishing below an old millhouse along Mommolariver, Kisko.
9 am. -2C. Clera Sky. I have not met a grey heron so late in the autumn having breakfast on my latitude.
Climate change makes birds to stay longer and stay over the winter ...


7.1.2016, 8 am. -27°C, calm.

The Moon meets Jupiter.


Roger The Rabbit was here.


We have a regular visitor in our birdfeeder from Down ´n Under !


The Spring Run by Jerobeam 


Man´s home is his castle.


Poolside - Lutra lutra


Our "Nipsu" - A joyful Lady!


Vulpes vulpes wanted to visit Talpa europaea. 
No chance!


Lanius Collurio
Mastering the bee catching on mid air.


Short farming cycle; on Saturday a farmer plants the seeds, 
on Sunday morning a pack of Sturnus vulgaris eats all up!