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N.b. This is a history site of our dear family horses.
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narah_1.jpegNarah, our gelding and a sound jumper, "retired" 2009

Did you know that horses have two ways to reproduce, the scientific method and then the supernatural reproduction; "they"just come to us" . I have been the victim of the latter one.
Not that I would not like horses, but the rest of the family just encourage them "to come to us."

So far I have encountered four (4 !) permanent supernatural reproductions and several short term ones, when horses come and go. Yes, the family hobby has turned to be a bit more serious.

Well, since year 2000 I have learned to be a top noch stable master and horse whisper. I do not ride, but take good care of them physically and mentally... still learning more.

Pictures below represents my very non-professional (but highly artistic and emotional) view on horses their behaviour.

Golden Ambre, a.k.a. "Amis", a mar pony and Saara (proud). Amis was sold 2006.

Amis and Joonas in action

Well done !

Jump Lady Lenie, jump !

Joonas proudly presents his Lady Lenie. Lenie was sold in 2007

Cinderella, our first and dearest horse. She passed away 7th Feb., 2006. due to cancer. R.I.P.

The Logistics Department

Heels down! Saara and Tuisku in action´, April 2006

Practising is everything

Gut gemacht. Tuisku pony, courtesy of our friend Riti.

Kassu and Joonas in Lahti 13.5.2006

Lady Lenie and Joonas ready for action, Lahti 13.5.2006

Lucky Luke, Jolly Jumper and Ran Tan Plan - August 2006

Stallion Prohvet (sold 2009) and Helena

Candy and Candy´s Surprise (born July 2006)

Kom Stradovarius and Joonas; 2nd Place 10.5.2008 in Salo

Candy´s Surprise 2yrs old, growing fast to become a fine jumper.

Narah enjoying summer fields.

Clarimon a.k.a. "Monni" and Confondere a.k.a. "Pörrö" 1 year old stallions



Petteri with Marion (his very first time on horseback,) July 2008

Joonas and Narah @ SRS 2008 GP / Six Bar competition

Joonas and Prohvet no. 1 in Helsinki Horse Show 2008 / Style Jump! 

Lady Lenie starting her maternity leave 21st Dec. 2008 

( Mother of a great stallion Mon Calazion (born summer 2009). )

Mr. Milkline and his first steps in Finland 22nd Dec., 2008. Welcome Sir !

Mon Calazion - new born colt 8.7.2009 01:07am - here less than 1hr old. (a web cam pic) 

On the way to podium - Joonas & Mr. Milkline

Joonas and Mr. Milkline, Bronze in Young Riders class, Finnish Championships, 16.8.2009 Mariehamn, Åland Island.

Candy´s Surprise fulfilling her promise.

Candy´s Surprise "Namu" and Mr. Janus Mitt - a training break.

A happy pair - Minna and Kom Stradovarious.

Uniek III - after a good training ride.

Kom Stradovarious- proud as usual

Alles muss in Ordnung sein.

Madam Didi & Elvira a.k.a. "i-pipa"


Thank you for wonderful the years together. RIP Pörrö.

Merja and godfather Jouko