CQWW 2015 CW - Numero Uno Contest of the year

Here is the activity list of BDXC during the coming no. 1 contest for our tiny.

BDXC in CQWW CW 2015

OH0XX:  AH0K, M2 - ops: Esa OH7WV, J-P OH6RX, Harry WX8C, Fan Bin BA1RB ja Olli OH0XX

OH1RY: EF8R M/S, with  the Bunker Gang

OH1RX: OH1F, M2 - ops: OH1NOA, OH1TM, OH1MM, OH10A, OH1RX + black horses

OH1TX: no info

OH2BH: ZA1WW - SO 20m or 15m

OH2EA: Pattaya monitoring station via web receivers

OH2KI: ZB2X - SOSB 40m

OH2MAK: no info

DX7X:  (DU/OH9UA) QRT, good luck to Simo, get well soon again!

Here you can see more QRV information: http://www.ng3k.com/Contest/

OH1F calls again. M2 is the name of the game. Testing radios at home, one broken found on Monday (80m totally kaputt).
No worries, we should have enough gear on the tables :)