VK9WA, The Story of ONE QSO

I am writing this at the day, when VK9WA 2015 DXspedition is about to end. http://vk9wa.com/

Few days before the Willis Islands came on air, I found that I am missing VK9W for 2015 
DXCC hunt and WARC bands are not in the log at all!

Well, I have (I think I have) a decent set up for ordinary HF bands 160-10m but today no beams
for WARCS. As you may recall, I do my "antenna suite for the winter" during each autumn and this year
the WARCs do not have any yagis.
17/12 meters are the worst with only a R8 up on the roof.

Since the weather was supporting (winter came very late this year to KP10), I checked the shack and cable storage and hastily made a vertical dipole and hoisted it up to 20m right when Willis Boys began their pile ups.

And when 17 metres came on air ; first call and they are in the log in CW. Just for fun I worked them on as many bands I could hear. Mission completed!

Pictures supporting the "The Story of One QSO".