Salo Museum of Electronics and Radiotechnology has got a ham radio corner, too.


Amateur radio station OH1SALO
(antennas are modest, but good of QRV)

I have had a pleasure to assist in donating my old cellular radios, giving background stories behind some milestone
projects and help the historic students from Finnish universities doing studies about radiotechnology development in Finland.
In fact Salo has been a focal point when the first radio transceivers were developed up to the very first digital cellular phones.
You can find the whole story by visiting the museum. There are theme exhibitions throughout the year and of course, thousands
of radios and TV sets (yes, thousands) can be found in the permanent expo!


Listening AM programming in the old days was the event for the family.
Most of the receivers were battery operated (that were expensive) and
programming hours were limited. Listening ther radio had a different meaning than today.