What a contest weekend. Southerly gale prevented us to land on Friday night 24th Oct., but we sailed to Stockholm! Three hour sleep and back to Mariehamn / OH0, arriving OH0Z at 3 pm. local time. To the bench and continuous run to 2 am. on Monday.
Rush to the Långäs harbor to find that gale continued and we could not board the ferry to ge to Turku / OH1 on Monday morning,
but we had to drive back to Tjudö village for another 3 hour sleep and then take the afternoon ferry back to mainland. We arrived at our homes on on Monday evening late.

Well, contest well and we did our best to vacuum clean the bands, with a simple rule: "You log what you hear."

Arrived 2nd in Scandinavia after SJ2W. Big hand to Norhern Swedish rivals!

Big hand to Juha OH1JT and Tomi OH6EI for inviting us hired guns to have a good fun again!

Pics will tell the story.


 More aluminium to the EU tower.


Full throttle: OH5DX and OH6UM (front)


Peter´s / OH0JFB 2nd Operator.