32266-421644.jpegAGM 2012 was held in the Restaurant Sea Horse within the vicinity of Chairman´s very first QTH.

Minutes of the Meeting

Annual General Meeting 2012

QTH: Ravintola Sea Horse, Kapteeninkatu 11, Helsinki, KP20ld 
Date: 18.7.2010
Time: 12.00z


Hans, OH2EA, member no. 1, Chairman
Jouko, OH1RX, member no. 2, undersecretary
Olli, OH0XX, member no. 5 
Pekka, OH1RY, member no. 7
Jorma, OH2KI, member no. 8


1. Opening of the meeting; Mr. Chair

Mr. Chair opened the meeting 12:15z with a warm welcome to the members attending.


2. Election of the Chairman to the meeting

Hans, OH2EA was elected as the chairman to the meeting with an unanimous Nod.


3. Election of the secretary and scrutinizer(s)

Jouko, member no. 2. was elected as secretary to the meeting and Jorma, member no. 8 as the scrutinizer of the minutes.


4. Approval of the agenda

Agenda was approved.


5. Consideration whether the meeting has been duly conveyed and has quorum

Since Mr. Chair is present the meeting is automatically duly conveyed and has quorum.


6. Preparation of the voting list

Voting list was prepared and approved.


7. Opening remarks - one by one all members (includes non-radio activities)

Mr. Chair: “I have done nothing”

OH2KI: renovation of the house has successfully kept the radio shack operational without damage.

OH0XX: Left hand is having mysterious weakness.

OH1RX: Right wrist broken. All activities by QLH.

OH1RY: Cottage life. 50 rounds of golf for OH season already behind.


8. Presentation of the annual report : activities and achievements during the dx year 2011-2012

OH2EA: Diamond DX count 110 countries.

OH0XX: Helped Gunther/HP1XX to take broken beam down and fix the roof (with profit margin)

OH1RY: 80m cottage dipole hoisted 30cm higher than before in order to have

a) safe passage in to house

b) have a substantially stronger signal on air

OH1RX: ALL dx expedition paper QSLs sent out (LA, OX, 5Z, TF etc.)

OH2KI: Golden DXCC worked. ZQ2X operation conducted. FCC Voluntary Examiner @ OH-CTU (too many achievements, addressed the meeting member no. 8)


9. Nomination of the Club Member of the year 2012

Olli/OH0XX, member no. 5 was elected as Club Member of the Year 2011-2012. “Olli is continuously QRV and on the road, circum navigating the globe.”


10. Resolution of the date and QTH for AGM 2013.

It was agreed that the next AGM 2013 shall be held in Mommolan Kartano, Kisko, KP10rg.

Date will be adjusted so that “snow birds” i.e. members no.s 3. and 6. are able to attend.


11. Other matters, please come forward with topics.

Mr. Chairman reminded that use of QZZ is a must in club radio communications.


12. Closing remarks; Mr. Chair

Mr. Chair(man) closed the meeting at 13:34z with the following remarks (applauded by all)
- Efficiency is an obliquity
- Apathy is underrated
- Laziness is the highest virtue
- Stagnation!
- Böltzheimer!


Taisto Kaasinen : "Jo Riittää!" i.e. "It´s enough!" - how timely