AGM 2013

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AGM in progress.

Minutes of the Meeting
Annual General Meeting 2013

QTH: “Niksula”, Miinantie 74, Nixor, Finby

Longitude : 22.85894 E (22 51' 32'' E)

Latitude : 60.07251 N (60 4' 21'' N)

QTH locator : KP10KB

Date: Thursday 4.7.2013
Time: 15:40z-16:37z

Voting List (Present)
Hans, OH2EA, member no. 1, Chairman
Jouko, OH1RX, member no. 2, undersecretary

Olli, OH0XX, member no. 5
Pekka, OH1RY, member no. 7 (by proxy to Jorma OH2KI)
Jorma, OH2KI, member no. 8

1. Opening of the meeting.
Mr. Chair opened the meeting at 15:40z

2. Election of the Chairman to the meeting.
Mr. Chair was naturally elected as Chairman to the meeting.

3. Election of the secretary and scrutinizer(s).
Jouko OH1RX was elected as secretary and Jorma OH2KI as “scrutinizer for all papers”.

4. Approval of the agenda.
The agenda was approved.

5. Consideration whether the meeting has been duly conveyed and has quorum.
The meeting was considered duly conveyded and as quorum.

6. Preparation of the voting list.
The voting list was prepared and confirmed as above.

7. Opening remarks - one by one all members (includes non-radio activities).

What a wonderful year – unanimous resolution.

8. Presentation of the annual report : activities and achievements during the

DX year 2012-2013 : individual reporting.

OH2EA: nil, all worked but happy to be on bands.

OH0XX: KX-1 QSOs from Antractica (loan rig from OH2KI) to F, CE8 and VP8

OH2KI: Visit to Kosovo.

OH1RX: despite tinnitus and health problems, wkd as no. 2 in SAC AB LP Tribander-wires. 10m QSO to South Sudan during an odd propagation window.

9. Nomination of the Club Member of the Year 2013.

Jouko OH1RX was nominated to be Club Member of the Year. His persistency (and patiency) was addressed as the “glue” to keep the BDXC up and running.

10. Resolution of the date and QTH for the AGM 2014.

The meeting unanimously agreed to invite themselves to Taivassalo, [KP0UO] QTH of Jaakko OH1TX. The date is to be agreed with Jaakko later.

11. Other matters.

Jouko OH1RX presented to his radio officer colleagues OH2EA and OH0XX two history registers fo the Finnish Maritime Radio Officers, where both “sparkies” could be found listed with personal details.

Lasse OH2MAK greeted the meeting over QRJ from SP country.

12. Closing remarks; Mr. Chair.

Chairman closed the meeting at 16:37z

“More time comes towards us.”


Outdoor soldering with candle and soldering iron.


Fishing Mr. Chair.


OH0XX and 5 am. pike.


Mr. Chair giving lecture on GP and elevated radials.