AGM 2016

BDXC gathered agoin together for the Annual General Meeting and get together @ famous Restaurant Salve in Helsinki.
This well recognized QTH by sailors (incl. radio officers) will move to a new location during autumn, thus it was approriate
to honour this location that has been the origin for many good memories among BDXC members, too.

Minutes and pics will tell the story. 
Big hand to all who made it, especially Simo DU/OH9UA who visited OH after many years!

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting 2016

Longitude : 24.9287 E (24° 55' 43'' E)
Latitude : 60.16216 N (60° 9' 44'' N)
QTH locator : KP20LD

Ravintola Salve
Hietalahdenranta 11, Helsinki
Date: Wednesday 31.8. AD 2016
Time: 14.14z – 15:36z

Present = Voting List
Hans, OH2EA, member no. 1, Chairman
Jouko, OH1RX, member no. 2, undersecretary

Lasse, OH2MAK, member no. 3
Olli, OH0XX, member no. 5
Simo, DU/OH9UA, member no. 6

Pekka, OH1RY, member no. 7
Jorma, OH2KI, member no. 8

1. Opening of the meeting
Mr. Chair  opened the meeting 14:14z

 2. Election of the Chairman to the meeting
Mr. Chair was elected as the chairman of the meeting. 

3. Election of the secretary and scrutinizer(s)OH1RX was elected as the secretary and OH9UA and OH0XX as scrutinizers of the minutes of the meeting.

4. Approval of the agenda
Agenda was approved. 

5. Consideration whether the meeting has been duly conveyed and has quorum
Meeting was considered as duly conveyed and quorum. 

6. Preparation of the voting list
Voting list was prepared and approved.

7. Opening remarks - one by one, all members (includes non-radio activities)

                      OH2EA: New antenna and PA in use again.

                      OH9UA: “Joo, long jet lag.”

                      OH2MAK: Back to ´60s = cloud & radio (pilvi ja radio)

                      OH2KI: QRT ca. one year.

                      OH1RY: 1st net ticket purchased from

                      OH0XX: no heroic achievements

                      OH1RX: retired officially

8. Presentation of the annual report : activities and achievements during the   
DX year 2015-2016 : ONE, the single most important activity per member.

                      OH2EA: Wkd Heard on 80m cw with new wire antenna.

                      OH9UA: DX7X QRV twice (radio on and op listening, no QSOs)

                      OH2MAK: 2.6GHz in to cloud services (seemingly successfully)

                      OH2KI: All old gear sold 2/2016, new equipment purchase in progress.

                      OH1RY: RTTY contesting is here. Two (2) QSOs in the log as EA8AH/LZ9.

                      OH0XX: First ever two sign suffix Surinam call sign acquired and used (PZ50X)

                      OH1RX: 30 years of “Icoms on the table” era is over.

9. Reports:
 - Old Seaman´s corner. QTO Salve to OGFW 1970 (RO Olli)
Olli gave an extensive and thorough report on his first days as a radio officer and we were priviledged to study Olli´s old records and guide books written by Emppu/OH2BF).

-  DU update (Simo)
Simo described the colourful and certainly dangerous situation in DU country and especially Zambales Province (incl. Scarborough and Spratlys).

 10. Nomination of the Club Member of the DX Year 2015-2016
The meeting elected OH2KI, member no. 8 as the Club Member of the DX Year 2015-2016.
His was given unanimous respect for his spirit of renewal by selling his so dear radio equipment to update his shack to the current century. 

11. Resolution of the date and QTH for the AGM 2017.
The Club agreed to get together next year in Mommola, Kisko.
OH1RX to suggest the dates.

12. Other Matters – “Does not matter”

- DX season 2016-2017, what to expect, how to survive in bands ;
“No hope, re. the solar cycle”

- Terminology; QTX, possible approval and guidelines for usage by club members ;
After careful consideration, QTX was agreed to be taken to BDXC radio abbreviation vocabulary, thus the use should be very cautious.
Guideline: QTX = “2x99”

- The best Telegraphist of Finland ;
Due to early departure of OH2KI, this matter shall be moved to the next AGM in 2017. 

- Contest score vs. lumberwork. A new mixed mode category?
The meeting discussed vividly about the various new contesting categories radio+firewood, such as

                   - weight of radio score vs. cubic metres of firewood made
                   - M/S; one man on radio, one in woodshed
                   - M/M; several species of wood used
                   - SO2X (two axes used, but only one log made at any given time)
This matter needs more analysis, thus it will be discussed in the next AGM before the final verdict (decision).

- Salve´s herrings – in depth analysis
What herring? Restaurant did not have herrings! In stead we were offerd vendance (Coregonus albula). The meeting voted for the score and weighted average (ref. Chair) was 9.0 points.

- Napue Gin
Few club members did the Napue Gin tasting; approved, yet nothing extraordinary (besides the premium price).
Comparison test with Ronnia had to be withheld due to Finnish license terms to sell alcoholic drinks in restaurant.

- Proposal to a new Club Member – Pekka, OH1RY
OH1RY presented (the 2nd time) his proposal to a new club member, Jyrki OH6CS

Jyrki has worked contests from EA8 and is meeting two key criteria of the BDXC;
1) has fallen asleep over radio; CQWW CW in 2013? Jyrki fell asleep on Saturday night, woke up ca. noon on Sunday, dismantled the station since he thought that is already Monday!
2) Can drink alcoholic beverages (bewerages?).

Resolution: The meeting authorized Pekka to discuss with Jyrki about the potential membership in BDXC. Probationary period could commence from the AGM 2017.

14. Closing remarks; Mr. Chair
“Honourable meeting of the honourable members ends honourably.” 

15. QSY to downtown. Tasting with intensive discussions to be continued.
Yes, we did!

In fidem

OH2EA, the Chair                                                                                                              OH1RX, hinyp, secretary

OH9UA, scrutinizer                                                                                                            OH0XX, scrutinizer


BDXC_Premeeting_31082016.JPG                      Premeeting at Restaurant Vltava terrace (yes, an OK style watering hole in the middle the Peninsula town!)


                        "Eerikinkatu Boys" - Mr. Chair and Olli walking their personal History Lane from their youth.


                         Salve Herring or not, that is the question.


                         Salve Herring (actually vendance) - Q.E.D.