AGM 2022

After a loong COVID-19 lock down period the BDXC fellows gathered in the Mommola Manor
to cherish friendship and togetherness (in modern terms sense of community). 


Minutes of the Annual General Meeting 2022 

Invitees = members present = Voting List
Hans, OH2EA, member no. 1, Chairman - cfmd
Jouko, OH1RX, member no. 2, untersecretary - cfmd
Lasse, OH2MAK, member no. 3 -  cfmd
Olli, OH0XX, member no. 5 - cfmd
Simo, DU/OH9UA, member no. 6 - cfmd
Pekka, OH1RY, member no. 7 -  cfmd
Jorma, OH2KI, member no. 8 -  cfmd

Latitude: 60°15'24.0"N Longitude: 23°26'24.3"E
QTH Locator: KP10rg32eg
Mommola Manor
Mommolantie 22, FI-25460 Kisko
Date: Saturday 17.9. AD 2022
Time: 10:55z - 12:35z


The Minutes:

  1. Mr. Chair opened the meeting at 10:55z 
  2. Mr. Chair was elected as the Chairman to the meeting
  3. Untersecy hinyp was elected to the secretariat of the meeting. No scrutinizers were elected, because the members raised doubts that no consensus could be achieved regarding minutes of the meeting.
  4. Agenda was approved 
  5. The meeting was considered to have been duly conveyed and to have quorum
  6. Voting list was prepared and approved with correction; cmfd should read cfmd in the voting list
  7. Opening remarks - one by one, all members ( N.b. non-radio issues only)
  • Pekka: He has prerared a Finnish menu for his foreign friends with 13 different type of dish, all traditional OH food.
  • Jorma: New cat in house. Her name is Iines . 
  • Simo: Back to OH all of sudden due to DU "hassle".
  • Lasse: The Finnish Defence Forces Flag Day 2022 celebration with high altitude flagging. (see the pic. 1)
  • Olli: Grandaughter won MMA world championship in 2022.
  • Jouko: Track and field match Finland - Sweden in the renovated Helsinki Olympic stadium with Jorma and Simo 9/2022!
  • Chair: Unsuccessful cataract operation process for 1.5 yrs. Sight is clearly worse than before the operations.
8. Presentation of the annual report : activities and achievements during the DX years 2020-2022. ONE, only ONE the single most important activity per member (subjective assessments)
  • Pekka: RTTY low power champion in OK RTTY contest.
  • Jorma: Queen Elizabeth the 2nd Award, Silver level. RIP Her Majesty.
  • Simo: Lots of old ham gear found in the attic of the Muntinlupa house, now on its way to OH land.
  • Lasse: the satellite system @ Spratley 9M0S in 1993 in now QRV and operational. However, satellites missing.
  • Olli: King of Spain Contest @ La Palma island EF0F/8 was a success!
  • Jouko: FOC membership #2187 achieved 4/2022. Tu Chair and Jorma for support and encouragement.
  • Chair: DX-masochism on air - Italian WRTC Award chase without FT8 QSOs. N.b. FT8 is dehumanisation to the 8th order!

9. Nomination of the Club Member of the Covid-19 DX Years 2019-2022. 
Olli OH0XX was unanimously named as the club member for 2019-2022. He is actively on air any time anywhere! As a token of the appreciation one (1) IRC coupon was donated to Olli. Big QRO hand to Olli, member no. 5!

10. Resolution of the date and QTH for the AGM 2023.
Next AGM will be held in Oct.-Nov. 2023 in Gran Canaria EA8 subject to world health status and war in Europe. Optionally Cabo da Roca, Restaurante Artesanato @ IM58gs07hi in CT land.

11. Other Matters; SAC, + +  (a separate document presented to the meeting)

  • New BDXC pole frequency (a.k.a. tolppataajuus) was nominated to be 3520kHz (very common crystal frequency in the old old days). Minor adjustment with a graphite pencil is allowed.
  • Apolitical ham radio activities - laugh, nothing/none is apolitical in modern (or ancient) world.
  • Electricity consumer pricing. Can one be QRV during the day time high tariff periods? Can!

12. Closing remarks; Mr. Chair: "I hearby close my marks."


pic. 1 - Lasse OH2MAK in action


pic. 2 - BDXC AGM 2022
left to right; OH2EA, OH0XX, OH2MAK, OH9UA, OH2KI, OH1RY