AGM 2014

The Boeltzenberger DX Club Annual General Meeting was held on the 29.8.2014 in Restaurant Sea Horse, Helsinki, Finland.
5/9 of the members attended this Saturday afternoon gathering.
First we took a walk through old Helsinki, where the "true Helsinki OMs" walked and talked their youth stories (probably true stories?). We younger lads just followed, listened and thought "Has there really been life on Helsinki peninsula before Kekkonen?!!"

Thank you all for attending and see you latest in July 2015.
May the madam Aurora be kind to us during the coming low band DX Season!


Please note: the quality of the picture is deliberately poor.
We are sharp, camera optics are not!


Minutes of the Annual General Meeting 2014

QTH: Restaurant Sea Horse
Kapteeninkatu 11, Helsinki
Longitude : 24.94639 E (24° 56' 47'' E)
Latitude : 60.15883 N (60° 9' 32'' N)
QTH locator : KP20LD

Date: Friday 29.8. AD 2014
Time: 11.00z - …
Gathering @ Sea Horse Bar 10:30z for beer, pse.

Present = Voting List
Hans, OH2EA, member no. 1, Chairman
Jouko, OH1RX, member no. 2, undersecretary
Lasse, OH2MAK, member no. 3
Olli, OH0XX, member no. 5
Jorma, OH2KI, member no. 8


1. Opening of the meeting;
Mr. Chair opened the meeting at 11:06z (sharp) with a notion “No beam of late OH2WI in sight”

2. Election of the Chairman of the meeting
Mr. Chair was elected unanimously as the chairman of the meeting.

3. Election of the secretary and scrutinizer(s)
Jouko (mem. no. 2) was elected as the secretary of the meeting and Lasse (mem. no. 3) was elected as the scrutinizer of the minutes of the meeting.

4. Approval of the agenda
Agenda was approved.

5. Consideration whether the meeting has been duly conveyed and has quorum
Meeting was considered as having a quorum and duly conveyed.

6. Preparation of the voting list
Voting list was prepared and minuted.

7. Opening remarks - one by one all members (includes non-radio activities) 

Lasse / OH2MAK: Lasse attended the D-Day Normandie 70th Anniversary in France/UK in July. His 4! sky diving (parachute) jumps included e.g. landing on a farm field with greeting Frenchmen with wine and photos! The oldest jumper was “Martin” 93 yrs old. When asked by the journalists after his tandem jump “How does this differ from your previous jump?”, Martin replied “Well, after the first jump everyone tried to kill me. Now everybody is cheering, greeting and taking photos!”

Great job Lasse!

Jorma / OH2KI: 16 trees down at home QTH. Dolmar chainsaw kaputt. XYL´s  comments to the job to be seen.

Olli / OH0XX: Peru/OA related multitasking. Visits, worked 4k QSOS as OA4WW just to use the old stock of OA –QSL cards! No waste! Olli has also experimented with socio-economy studies by monitoring littering around schools within vicinity of his Jääli QTH: Lower grade school yard has beer cans and Swedish “snus” boxes. Upper grade school yard has power drink cans only.

Jouko / OH1RX: Another year coped with high level of tinnitus yet SAC 2013 Championship @ TribanderWires gold medal. Big hand to Mr. Chair for coaching in meditation, mindfulness and taiji-breathing practices!

Hans / OH2EA: Daily walk around the suburb. Collecting cans for recycle worth 873€ in total while doing sociology studies and practicing voluntary work with youngsters in his home township. Also noted upper/lower level schoolyard distribution of energy drinks vs beer cans.


8. Presentation of the annual report : activities and achievements during the  
DX year 2013-2014 : ONE most important activity per member.

Lasse / OH2MAK: Sent a GSM SMS “ee ee ?” to Jouko/OH1RX when passing Jouko´s OH8 QTH. Immediate reply was “R”.

Jorma / OH2KI: No new DXCC  BUT Jorma will attend IARU AC Sept. 2014 in Varna, Bulgaria.

Olli / OH0XX: Z81X 80m/160m DX Expedition with good QSO numbers. (meeting cheered with applause)

Jouko / OH1RX:  After 3 decades+ of resistance Jouko finally gave up and loaded all DX QSOs to both LoTW and ClubLog (45k).

 Martti / OH2BH: (Virtually, via email): YOTA/ERTC, the 1st virtual HF contest conducted in Finland.

 Hans / OH2EA: 50 years ham anniversary. Still QRV! (saluted with coffee + avec  by the meeting)

9. WRTC2014 / New England report back: OH2BH and OH1RX
Jouko, who participated as a referee, gave a brief report as “director´s cut” about the arrangements, athmosphere, contest arrangement, new rules and interesting aftermath on  the web and one-on-one discussions.

10. Nomination of the Club Member of the Year 2013
The meeting nominated two Club Members of the Year:

1. Member no. 4, Martti / OH2BH The Virtual Club Member of the Year 2013

2. Member no. 3, Lasse / OH2MAK The Physical Club Member of the Year 2013

Meeting congratulates both nominees!


11. Resolution of the date and QTH for the AGM 2015.

After a lively discussion the meeting agreed to approach Jaakko / OH1TX, member no. 9, to accept our request to have AGM 2015 in the warm month of July under his towers in Taivassalo.

Date to be agreed later.


12. DX IS – Where shall we go next? OH2BH et al.

Martti / OH2BH had sent to the meeting a request to consider SCSDXT (South China Sea DX Team, a sub committee of BDXC) participation in the coming DX Expedition to down down southern seas.

Resolution was that, “if palm trees do not lean over to the radios”, SCSDXT cannot accept the highly appreciated invitation as this would violate the SCSDXT fundamental principles and constitution.


13. Other matters
An ever increasing number of “other matters” are brought to the meeting year by year. Quite often they tend to be repeated due to worsening memory of the club members.

This year´s picks:

- Pop Start Sheila Majid´s gig in Kota Kinabalu, witnessed by member no. 3

- Greaseproof paper as radar plotting map, old seaman´s story by member no. 1

- Hiitola Region (today RA1 in Russian Karelia) visit 7/2014 by member no. 5


14. Closing remarks; Mr. Chair

“The meeting is closed at 16:30z!”


In Fidem


Hans OH2EA                           Lasse OH2MAK
Chairman, mem. no. 1             scrutinizer, mem. no. 3 

Jouko OH1RX
Secretary, mem. no. 2



                                                                              There he goes! Lasse OH2MAK/AM