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House of Parliament, BDXClub members and burnt barracks of the National Railways


Boeltzenberger DX Club - Annual General Meeting held 11th June 2006, in Helsinki, Finland

A beautiful summer weather thus too good conditions for any serious antenna installation work teased 5 out of 7 club members to attend the AGM, held in Helsinki.
Only OH2BH and OH0XX (currently HP1WW) were excused (barely) not for attending.

Minutes of the meeting in short (pictures attached to support)

1. Hon. Chairman opened the meeting in venue no. 1 ; Pub Oosters, Railway station at 2 pm.
2. It was agreed that F1 race in Silverstone was not a success due to failure of The Iceman Kimi - he did not succeed in burning his engine ... this time.
3. Chairman led the participants through the jungle of Helsinki to Restaurant Töölönranta. A vivid discussion arose about masts, booms, elements and tilt angles ... seemingly useless since the Italian red wine, barsley and dry meat followed by salmon steak took very soon the full attention of the meeting.
4. Wines and food were categorised as "satisfactorily decent". However, our semi-Spanish OH1RY (EA8AH) did not get his Spanish coffee and moonshine as he hoped to. It hurt, it hurt, caramba!
5. Chairman was greeted by the club members due to his 60th milestone with a Signal Corps pin, loud hurrays and a toast of gin & tonic.
6. It was agreed to revisit the issue of Spanish coffee avec within summer season in Sauvo / OH1-land. (may the summer be very very long)
7. The Hon. Chairman closed the meeting with smile, coffee and calvados.
8. The meeting adjourned 40 minutes before the train departure to OH1 -land (poor lads OH1RX and OH1RY had to escape the urban wonders of Helsinki at 19:03pm).

PS. to make it absolutely clear, we never reached the final destination /destiny Turku,  but managed to jump off in Salo - safe and sound.

on behalf of the meeting
Jouko OH1RX

Pit Stop due to F1 race; OH1RY, OH9UA, OH2MAK and OH2EA

Taiji break by Hon.Chairman OH2EA

OH1RX addressing the meeting

Hon. Chairman receives the Finnish Signal Corps pin, OH2MAK assisting

Signal Corps

Annual General Meeting of the Boeltzenberger DX Club 4. October, 2006

Dear Club Members, 

Boeltzenberg Club Annual General Meeting was held in Espoo, Jupperi @ OH2MAK. 

1. Hon. Chairman OH2EA Good Himself opened the meeting.
2. 5 litres Carlsberg "Probably the best beer in the world" was opened by OH2MAK
3. By the 1st toast of beer the meeting was confirmed properly called in and agreed to formed a quorum, since four members (OH2EA, OH2MAK, OH9UA and OH1RX were present).
N.b. the meeting is always quored when Hon. Chairman is present.
4. The 2nd glass of beer was consumed with delighting news that there is interest to gather in Region III sometime late 2006 to celebrate several anniversaries taking place ; OH2EA. OH9UA, OH1RX at least.    
Kuching, 9M8 was proposed to be the place. Convener, OH1RX will gladly receive proposals from the club members.
5. Sauna was tested and found to meet the DX specs.
6. Lasse´s patio was tested several times during the Sauna trial run and multiple antenna locations were fiercefully proposed to the owner. - yet, we did not lop the only pine tree (ca. 10 metres high) for the obvious yagi installation.
7. Singapore Special Owen Baked Makkara served with remarkably tasty rye bread crackers exceeded the non-existing expectations.
8. Front patio was found an excellent place to puff Castro-size cigars after the dinner.
9. When discussions drifted from hamradio to good old days, the Chairman closed the meeting with remarks that next meeting should take soon and not to wait another 10 years to pass, like before. 

Let me thank you the host and members for the meeting!
Yours faithfully, 

Undersecretary of Boeltzenberger DX Club

Jouko, OH1RX