The Annual General Meeting 2010 took place in lovely SW archipelago of OH1.

The Minutes of Meeting and mixture of pics should tell everything - well, almost everything.

Minutes of Meeting:

QTH:  Sauvo  60.21,09.72N, 22.34,41.17E , KP10gi  [ OH1RY ]
Date: 24.7.2010
Time: 12.00z -


Hans, OH2EA, member no. 1, Chairman
Jouko, OH1RX, member no. 2, undersecretary
Lasse, OH2MAK, member no. 3 (not attending, QRJ to was made to Kittilä) 
Martti, OH2BH, member no. 4  (not attending, in OX country)
Olli, OH0XX, member no. 5 (not attending, in LA country)
Simo, DU/OH9UA, member no. 6
Pekka, OH1RY, member no. 7
Jorma, OH2KI, member no. 8
Jaakko, OH1TX, member no. 9 (to be officially confirmed during the meeting)

Pre-Meeting Agenda

  1. Get to gether @ Salo Marketplace 10:00z for 60 mins mystery shopping of food and Vittel. QTH: 60.38454 N (60° 23' 4'' N)    23.12845 E (23° 7' 42'' E), KP10nj
  2. Cup of coffee and “munkki” at market square in the world famous Oksasen Kahvila. – concluded.
  3. Gentlemen, start your engines at 11:00z. – yes we did.


12:00 z (sharp),  arrival @ OH1RY

1.    Opening Remarks  - Pekka / OH1RY ; given with credits

2.    Preparing the meeting facilities; sauna, radio station, dinner etc. – excellent!

a.    Rig – on the house ; hmm

b.    Ant – something made of copper by OH1RX – working!

c.    Keyer/manipulator, Vibroplex Blue Racer mallia -63by OH2EA ;only OH2EA and OH2KI passed the QSO test.

3.    Possible RTTY and digimodes by Club “weird mode committee”; Lasse and Simo.  – did not materialize. To be transferred to the next meeting.

4.    Each participant to make one (1) QSO on RSGB IOTA Contest (mode and band per own choice, but using his very own OH call sign) – see the attached  “log”.

5.    Club Sauna bathing – yes, with swim and beer.


17:05z  Official AGM 2010

6.    Official opening of the meeting – Chairman opened the meeting.

7.    Election of the chairman to the meeting – hra B (i.e. “Tuoli”) was elected to the Chairman of the meeting.

8.    Election of the secretary and two scrutinizers – hinyp was elected as the secretary and Simo and Jorma as scrutinizers of the meeting.

9.    Approval of the agenda – approved.

10. Preparation of the voting list – approved.

11. Consideration whether the meeting has been duly conveyed and has a quorum. – meeting was considered to be quored.

12. Presentation of the annual report ; activities and achievements during the  contesting and dx season 2009 – 2010. (Each member to report his unforgettable highligts.)

OH2EA:  wkd more than 10 QSOs in WPX CW with Viborplex as OH2BDP. DL1DA wkd as FJ on 18MHz CW as old fashion DX QSO.

OH9UA:  DU9RG PA repaired for LZ DXC 2009. DX7X call acquired for major activities.

OH2KI:GJ2A multi-multi winner in CQWW SSB. ZB2X CQWW SSB 10m EU winner. Al, W2MEL said “you made my day” on 20m SSB. Al is now Silent Key.

OH1RY:  wkd ES Open 2010 with blood in mouth; 37 QSOs. But the paper log was lost in mail to ES5RY by Spanish Post Office.

OH1TX:2009 CQWW SSB, 1200 Qs on 80m, 113 countries, 32 zones. BUT lots of errors in the log.

OH1RX:  Clear, undisputed winner of LZDXC 2009 as DU/OH1RX to respect OH1RY as LZ by-member.

OH2MAK (as absent):First ever OZ – OH QSO between Lasse and Jouko OH1RX on 4G cellular network.


13.Nomination of the Club Member of the year 2010 (subjective yet consensus driven argumentation of the members present)

Lasse, OH2MAK was elected as the Member of The Year 2010. It was agreed with applause that Lasse shall organize  the 2011 AGM.


14. Resolution of the membership application of Jaakko OH1TX

Jaakko gave the brief and argumentation about his qualifications as a new club member.

“It was CQWW SSB 2009 SSB: 2nd day, early am. Personal, human voice recorder gave up i.e “kaputt” and Heil microphone was touching the sheek … and Jaakko woke up after 20 mins nap to find that contest is STILL in progress and then he got SU to the log. 

Resolution: the meeting approved unanimously and with great greetings approved the application and the tB(OH1TX)  was officially recorded to the Club roster. The approval to use CW abbreviation “QZZz” was granted by Chairman to Jaakko OH1TX, who is now member no. 9.


15.Resolution of  the proposal to open a closed Facebook Group for the club members only.

Resolution: After the discussion the meeting agreed to try and test the trial BDXClub User Group. Hinyp to form the Facebook Group BDXClub and invite all members to the closed user group.


16.Resolution to the time and place for next meeting.

The meeting made a QRJ to Lasse / OH2MAK in Kittiä to learn:

-       There are two mosquitos in Lasse´s QTH

-       Cranks, i.e. “tunkit” are in use

-       24/7 daylight is present

-       Aurora rules

Resolution: Date and time of the AGM 2011 shall be defined by end Sept. 2010 by Lasse.

17.Other matters

Hinyp and Chairman greeted Pekka/OH1RY and XYL Taina of the great evening.


18.Closing remarks  – all members present combined the invaluable and commemorable closing remarks to be minuted.

OH1RY:: Thank God the meeting is closed and the evening shall continue with drinks and drinks.  ALL AGREED


The meeting was closed at 18:11z .


To verify the minutes:

Hra Chair                               hinyp

Chairman                              untersecy


OH2KI                                    OH9UA

Scrutinizer                             Scrutinizer

Opening remarks - remarkables

Chairman having a strong opinion - as always

Jaakko OH1TX presenting his membership application, unanimously APPROVED with applause. the tB(OH1TX) was thereby officially established.

Unter secretary trying to pursue The Hon. Chairman to follow the agenda - hopeless.

AGM low band antenna

AGM multiband GP

How to do dits and dots with Vibroplex - the old school debate

OH2KI/M - elegant Elecraft QRP (missing on i-connector though)

OH1RY in QRJ to Lasse/OH2MAK in Kittilä. A 1800MHz resonator in use - nice multipurpose cellular accessory, Applicable also to iPhone4 antenna problems,

OH1RY with baluns. 1:2 medium well

The Official BDXC PA tube.

AGM Station ergonomics. N.b. "Vittel" is proudly presented in its original format to commemorate the 9M0S expedition in 1993. Club members OH1RX, OH2BH, OH2MAK and OH9UA attended the trip to witness the birth of a life long Vittel -tradition.


Closing Remarks by Simo OH9UA. Next year in Kittilä! CL e e