Boeltzenberg DX Club goes Rääveli, 23.7.2008


Annual General Meeting

Boeltzenberger DX Club

23.7.2008 Tallinn, Estonia



OH2EA – Hon. Chairman, member no. 1

OH1RX – member no. 2

OH0XX– member no. 5

OH9UA – member no. 6

OH1RY – member no. 7

OH2KI – member no. 8




1.      QTOHelsinki 1 pm. with Super Sea Cat, BND fer Tallinn

2.      QTP Tallinn (Rääveli) at 2.40pm

3.      Search for a proper restaurant in old town Tallinn

4.      Opening of the meeting and election of the chairman for the meeting – Hon.  

         Chairman OH2EA

5.      Election of the secretary of the meeting ; member no. 2

6.      Approval of the Agenda ; the Agenda was approved

7.      Preparation of the voting list ; list prepared and approved

8.      Election of the two persons to approve to the minutes ; members no. 5 and 7

9.      Consideration whether the meeting has been duly conveyned ; approved since

         more than 120 emails were exhanged in preparation of the meeting.

10.    Presentation of the annual report and activities during contest and DX season 

        2007-2008 : all participants reported the achievements

Honorary Chairman: all CW countries worked and he is back in the Honour Roll

OH1RX: not participating IOTA 2008 contest though severe withdrawal symptoms exist day and night

OH0XX: did not attend any Radio Club Panama meetings and has no intetion to attend in the future, too

OH9UA: has moon bounce rig installed, moon exists, no antennas though

OH1RY: achieved IARU Hq. status for 2007 IARU HF Contest = EF8U

OH2KI: has sold three HF transceivers

11.    Discussion about the next solar cycle peak and its impact to BClub activities.

Intensive discussion was hoovering above the meal and drinks.

Resolution: 2012 is the maximum and global freeze will start including the swap of magnetic North and South pole. Big natural catasrtrophies may occur.

12.    QRJ to the missing club members: member no. 3 and no. 4.

GSM calls were made to member no. 3 Lasse EA/OH2MAK and member no. 4 Martti CU2/OH2BH. Both members were greeted with a toast and "wish you we here" shouts. Maybe next year.

13.    Luncheon

Restaurant Karl Friedrich served the meals. Some were exceptionally good, some were just exceptional.

14.    Next meeting

Resolution 1: The next AGM will take place in Pudasjärvi, Syötekylä in conjuction with the 2009 SRAL Summer Camp. Secretary hinyp offer his log house to accommodate the club members.

Resolution 2: It was agreed that the Boeltzenberger DX Club will attend the IARU HF Contest from Syöte, signing as OH9UA in Multi Single category. OH0XX (CW) and OH1RY (phone) reported on duty in 35 milliseconds. However, it is mandatory to all club members to run pile up during the 24 effort.

Resolution 3: Secretary shall inform the club members about the practical arrangements of the AGM in ultima thule.

15.    AOB - no other business

16.    Closing remarks - yes

17.    Transport to Super Sea Cat Terminal

18.    QTO Tallinn 7.30 pm. BND fer Helsinki

19.    QTP Helsinki 9.10 pm

20.    Another and probably the final closing remarks in a near by pub to be chosen.

The club members gathered in Beer Restaurant Oosters (in the central railway station) for the last toast ca. 22:00 and then they went home for their evening pill and deserved sleep. QZZz was encouraged to be used frequently enought to cherish t(B) !  + va

Fuelling (i.e. bunkering pit stop) before QTO Helsinki BND FER TALLINN

A restaurant that we did not pay a visit

A Restaurant that we did not visit either ("Liivi" in Finnish = "bra")

Member no. 7 on his way to some serious shopping in town

Member no. 5 assisting to fill the case with local souvenirs

Member no. 8 insisting to "go another corner, the restaurant is right behind the old city tower" ...

The mandatory picture about "Peaceful co-existence and friendship between the people for the betterment of international peace and progress"

Battle of ideologies like "writing on the wall"

A QTH that we did not buy

Central Square = lots of restaurants filled with cruise liner passangers = bad timing for us

Meeting closed @ Restaurant Karl Friedrich = Salud !

Then to a herbal store; "this way yes yes "

... after couple of blocks walk, another advice "this way yes yes = just the opposite way"

Aaah, herbal medicine (not from any specialty store, but Tallinn Ulikooli Apteek Viru Keskus, next to Viru Hotel !)

QTP Helsinki - size does matter at sea !

Homecoming to Helsinki - We had a nice day in Tallin !