Members and Qualifications:

Member no. 1 - Hans, OH2EA (ex OH2BDP)
Hans snoozed in July 1995 in a warm summer night, in the garden of Jouko OH1RX while working during the sunrise 40m QSOs with e.g. UO5ON. When he was woken by OH1RX, the first comment was; "Well, I was just pracitising my morning Taiji ! "
The tB(OH2EA) was discovered with applause.

Member no. 2 - Jouko OH1RX (ex OH1NYP)
During the last night of Spratly 9M0S operation in 1993, Jouko dived towards the radio during the sunrise, when Europe was calling him on 40m CW. Only G4 was logged as last QSO with no suffix. Not good contact due to tB(OH1RX).

Member no. 3 - Lasse OH2MAK
In 1992, Lasse was running 72 hours the 9M8MJ pile up alone in Kuching, Sarawak (South China Sea DX Team Expedition) up in the elevator engine room on top of Kuching Hilton Hotel, when natural needs brought him down to his room in the middle of the night. Well, he woke up in the toilet seat to witness tB(OH2MAK).

Member no. 4 - Martti OH2BH
In ARRL 160 CW contest Martti and Jouko signed as VR2MJ. As a good host, Martti had rigged up the full sized 160 sloper dipole in the middle of high rise buildings up in the Hong Kong Island, where tens of neighbours were enjoying the beautiful antenna visible through their living room windows with probably good TVI, too. The work took its toll during the first night of the contest and ... snooze caught Martti. Well, we won the Asian Championship despite  of the tB(OH2BH) and the fact that some neighbours took down the antenna by a violent act during the second night and we had to go QRT well before the end of the contest !

Member no. 5 - Olli OH0XX
Aves Island YV0D operation would not have been logged as a good effort without Olli rigging up antennas and fixing stations alone in the heat when fellow mates were sipping water and pina colada in the shadow. Well, when the night fell and operation really started, the tB(OH0XX) had come to take Olli to the famous snooze.

Member no. 6 - Simo OH9UA (ex 9V1YW)
Simo is the most suspicious and qustionable member of the club. However, he has been witnessed to experience  tB(OH9UA) constant in at least 9M0S operation in 1993 and in 9M6JO operation in 1992. According to Simo, the reason has been water bottle (famous "Vittel" brand) that, as a standard operating procedure, was frequently refilled with non-aquatic beverages.

Member no. 7 - Pekka OH1RY
Pekka, a life long DXer and Contester was in November 1989 on Western Samoa as 5W1RY to find that long hours alone in the CQWW DX contest took him to hibernation and logged score looked really bad for couple of moments. tB(OH1RY) constant was born!.

Member no. 8 - Jorma OH2KI
Jorma, a recognized Contester was in 1975 having his very first contest expedition in Gibraltar, signing as ZB2X. His FL2500 (5 x 6KD6s) linear amp was running extremely hot thus Jorma took the cover plates off.  During the contest night Jorma woke up having his hand INSIDE the open amplifier! Luckily he did not try any fine tuning during the sleep.
Hon. Chairman approved Jorma´s application to the Club with a merit. tB(OH2KI) is acknowledged.

Member no. 9 - Jaakko OH1TX
"Jaska" - a well known OT who can be found most often around 3799 in gray line and whose shack is packed with beatifully restored old HF radios gave on the AGM 2010 (24th July, 2010) the following testimony, that was approved with merits as  tB(OH1TX);
“It was CQWW SSB 2009 SSB, SOSB HP 80m in my own shack: 2nd day, early am. the personal, human voice recorder gave up i.e “kaputt” and Heil microphone was touching the sheek … and Jaakko woke up after 20 mins nap to find that contest is STILL in progress and then he got SU to the log."



Honorary Chairman 60 yrs 7th April, 2006 - Club Members Congratulate 

Club News 7th April, 2006

Dear Boeltzenberger Club Members, 

It has been brought to my knowledge that our widely appreciated but seldom seen Honorary Chairman, OH2EA, has turned from sweet 50´s to cool 60´s on the 7th of April, 2006. Please join me to congratulate Sir Hans during this unforgettable moment. May I suggest that the offcicial celebrations shall be held when at least three club members are present. Simo / OH9UA is supposed to come to OH during the month of April, so let us try to have a club gathering around those days. I keep you posted. 

the undersecretary OH1RX


Chairman Hon. addressing the short range communications through Taiji practise

Member no. 7 OH1RY, XYL Taina and probably A Club Trophy

B-Club was well represented at SRAL Summer Camp 2006; (in pic:OH1RY, OH2EA) + OH2BH and OH1RX

OIGP and 5LFO in action @ Radio Maritime Day 2007 Contest