The Annual General Meeting of Boeltzenberger DX Club was held in Latvia, Riga  17.7.2009.

 Minutes of the meeting, Riga, Restaurant Lido
17:00 - 17:30 (local time) 17th July, 2008

OH2MM (as supervisor)
local supervisors:
YL2KL, Girts
YL3DW/YL9W, Oleg

1. Secretary OH1RX opened the meeting
2. OH0XX was elected as the chairman of the meeting
3. Agenda was approved
4. It was noticed that several club members were absent due to strong and weak reasons. 
    However, warm greetings were sent to fellows.
5. Secretary adviced that a new application from OH2PM is pending - application in process.
6. Next years meeting proposals are encouraged to be submitted to Hon. Chairman.
7. Other matters
    - for records: OH0XX is now /OH8
    - all members at present promised to work at least one HF QSO as YL/ ... so they did!
8. Chairman closed the meeting at 17:30 and the meeting resumed to enjoy local dinner and beer.
... to be followed by a visit to YL Summer Camp 2009 @ Jaunkalsnava on the following day.

However, OH1RY and OH0XX preferred to put their 20 dipole up somewhere else with their XYLs. ... results not known up to day.

YL, yes

AGM2009 17.7.2009 ; Oleg/YL3DW, Olli/OH0XX, Ville/OH2MM, Pekka/OH1RY, Girts/YL2KL, Jorma/OH2KI

YL Summer Camp 17.-18.7. 2009 - nr Jaunkalsnava

500 licensed hams in YL, 200 radio active, 50 present = great attendance!

Voldemar/YL2UW, 78 yrs young hoisting the flag at YL Summer Camp 2009 opening ceremonies

OH2KI @ 3699kHz - by courtesy of YL/OH2BNR/M

18.7. YL2KO - OH2MM - OH1RX - YL2GD

YL/OH2MM operating on 20m CW in WRTC2010 pre-contest. Good Contact!

YL2PA with his homebrewed 500W and 1KW VHF linears; 50W input

YL2KF, YL7A, OH2KI, YL2KL, OH2MM - "A Symbolic" toast for YL-OH Friendship

Abt QTO Riga 18.7. OH1RX, OH2MM, YL2KL and OH2KI 

Big Hand to Girts/YL2KL and Oleg/YL3DW for hosting us and making our 24h visit a really enjoyable experience.
TNX to YL hams and CUL - on the bands and eye ball, too !

on behalf of Boeltzenberg Club
hinyp / unter secretary (a.k.a. OH1RX)

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