EGM, Helsinki 8th Sept. 2009

With a short? 78hr notice made by Simo OH9UA/DU, member no. 6, the extra ordinary general meeting assembled in Helsinki. Great attendance and interesting topics discussed, as always. Minutes published here below.

Minutes of the Extra Ordinary General Meeting
Boeltzenberger DX Club e.r.y.
8th September, 2009
Restaurants Oosters  and  Vltava, Helsinki

Hans, member no.1, Chairman
Jouko, member no.2
Lasse, member no. 3
Olli, member no. 5
Simo, member no. 6

PART I – Wine and Beer House Oosters
1. Welcome, opening of the meeting and election of the chairman to the meeting

                Chairman Hans opened the meeting at 19:33 Finnish daylight saving time (i.e. Standard Moscow time), was elected to chair the meeting (naturally) and greeted the surprisingly large number of members to participate EGM in such a short notice (one line email from Simo 78hrs before).

2.  Jouko (a.k.a. untersecy hinyp) was elected as secretary to the meeting.

3. Olli was elected as scutinizer of the minutes AND Chairman insisted him to do a preview of the minutes before distribution. The meeting approved chairman´s request with low voice remarks about censorship or something…

4. Wins and Losses of the DX / Contest Summer 2009 (minuted as the vivid discussion jumped from topic to topic, quite wildly BUT only based on personal experience of the members present):

4.1  The best doctor in town
4.2  The best comic series is “fingerpori” in daily Helsingin Sanomat
4.3  Miss Laura M. is the best waitress of Helsinki.
4.4  Road traffic in HL is an experience
4.5  A night in a police station in P5 is a REAL experience
4.6  A61 DX Spedition shall always include an act to carry your mattress across a busy  5 star hotel lobby
4.7 Visiting OH2MT in LU ca. 20 years ago country was an unforgettable event to Olli
4.7  Simo´s Lappish “jäynä”  i.e. slyness was inevitably proven
4.8 It was unanimously proclaimed that the uplifting words " Back to North Karelia" never cease to stir the soul

Wins and Losses
4.9 Chairman : Participated Helsinki City Marathon 2009  (well, driving a pick up van for the ½ -dead runners who did not make it to the finishing line)
4.10 Lasse : received Estonian Army Skydiving Award  (see pic.)
4.11 Olli : Zero, absolutely nothing
4.12 Jouko : Field Day high power absolutely non-field no. 1 in EU Field OH Contest
4.13 Simo : his Harley Davidson worked a ok against all the odds the whole summer in DU land
QSY to Vltava ca. 20:50 

PART II – Restaurant Vltava

5. SAC 2009 participation announcements (pre)
5.1 Chairman: no no and no
5.2 Olli : no
5.3 Lasse : no
5.4 Simo : no
5.5 Jouko : no rotator, so no

Remark: Chairman´s digital camera ran out of batteries at 22:06. He rushed to town and in 5 minutes returned smiling with pack of AA cells J

6. CQWW – where the hell are the contest rules going?
Discussion comments from horses mouths:
Olli: ass to ass
Lasse : item   - “ -
Simo : item  - “ -
Jouko :  “let´s get even” (whatever it means)
Resolution 6.1 : Olli goes to CP6AA for CQWW CW
Resolution 6.2 : Jouko goes to DU for LZDXC as pre CQ warm up
Resolution 6.3 : Let the all flowers bloom and have fun.

7. Next Meeting
It was seriously discussed and put forward to all the members that AGM 2010 should be organized as follows:

- QTH:  Hailuoto Island, EU-184 Oulu Province Group
- Time: 23.-25.7.2010
-  Accomodation :
- The plan is to make one and only one QSO / member in the IOTA contest

8.  Any other business

                Club membership application of Pertti / OH2PM would be appreciated.

9. Closing remarks – Chairman at 23:01

“The remarks are hardly closed”

“The chair onto which the Gluteus Maximus of  the "chair" was firmly planted, should be assigned to continous use of the Club”

“How to make a million in Wall Street? Start with two!”

“It does not work like that anymore”

“We are a drinking club with a radio problem”


The pole position for EGM

59+ Get together

Abbot for all from G4


Skydiving medal granted to Lasse by Kaitseliit (ES1)

Dark Beer from OK1