31556-111683.jpgWhen the constest season is at peak, so is the level of snow, too!

Åland Island Contest Station OH0Z

Brief History

Radiosporting Team (RST) was established in 1997, when long-time friends OH5DX, OH1JT and OH2MA joined forces with one goal in mind: to build a first-class HF single operator contest station on Aland Islands, OH0.

Search for the perfect contest QTH began in early 1997. During one of those several trips to OH0 we got together, at Lasse OH0RJ's suggestion, with the Alandia Contest Team (ACT) guys, who sported an excellent VHF contest location on top of a hill, some 200 ft above the sea level with a clear take-off to all directions.

The ACT had already established their position as a real force in the VHF/UHF circles and the guys didn't mind having a couple of HF towers on their hilltop! One thing led to another and by September 1998, we had two rotating towers up with lots of aluminum ready to hit the airwaves. We are grateful to the Alandia Contest Team and to Lasse, OH0RJ for their help.

This is what ham spirit is all about!

for more: http://www.qsl.net/oh0z/