We made it again: Juha/OH1JT, Timo/OH1NOA, Jouko/OH1RX, Timo/OH1TM, Mikko/OH4XX, Ari/OH5DX, Tomi/OH6EI, Timo/OH6GLE and Juha/OH6XX - SSB Multi-Multi.
Great Team, Good spirit and Great Fun up on the OH0Zanzibal Hill !


Pictures speak for themselves

First, let´s do some antennas! Juha/OH6XX and Timo/OH6GLE in action.

Tomi / OH6EI fixing 20m wire beam and defying gravity in a thin birch 3m up!

Ad hoc antenna work bench. Mikko/OH4XX and Juha/OH6XX @ work. Eye witnesses Tomi/OH6EI and Timo/OH6GLE.

2.5m x 5m hut = home for 160m + 80m + 10m STNs. Nice and cosy (and warm!) Cross interference? Nil - only some monotonous "OH0Zulu" shouting

15m monobander for fixed Europe direction in making

15m EU up!

20m 2el wire beam fixed for Europe going up - OH1JT consulting 

80m STN in final tune up : Juha/OH6XX and Timo/OH6GLE

Juha/OH1JT on 10m - next to 160m (Joukos/OH1RX work bench) 

Ari/OH5DX doing main hut interior redesign. Mikko/OH4XX was the main terminator.

Stub tuning by Juha/OH6XX. We had some monitors, but no monitoring station.

"The Pori-Timos" OH1TM and OH1NOA in action 40m and 20m STNs

Summary per Band

DR1A - OH0Z Comparison 

Total no. of cluster spots in contest. Courtesy of Noantri HamRadio CLX 

Game Over - thanks to the Radio Sporting Team OH0Z to make this to happen!