Juha OH1JT, Ari OH5DX, Juha OH9MM and myself decided to try out Russian DX Contest 2006 from Tjudö / OH0Z. 
Quick Reference:
- propagation was super poor on 10m and 15m
- for a change antennas sustained the storms
- lots of problems on rigs and power splitters
- 1st contest to most of us with Win-Test (mixed feedback)
- WLAN made the networking easy (big hand to Juha OH9MM)
- good competition with Brändö OH0B (they had their moments with rigs and masts, too)

Great Fun - big hand and thanks for letting me to participate guys !

Captain OH1JT checking the stormy weather, OH9MM in pile up
Yes, it is a bit windy, hi

at least we tried hard the full 24 hours ; OH5DX in pile up, OH1JT in mulitplier station

Monday morning calm, -6C

Our ferry back to OH1 

When writing this, the whole Silja Line Ltd. is for sale. Wanna buy a boat or two? !