Artic Fishing Team goes to East Karelia.


The Arctic Fishing Team goes East (again).
This will be our third trip to Pääjärvi-Tuoppajärvi (Pjotzero-Topozero) region.
Team of 6 + guide will cross the boarder in Suoperä, Kuusamo on the 3rd June
and we plan to be back around 8th of June.
I.e. very little sleep and lots of midnigh sun fishing, photographing and campfire talks.
That´s we have been waiting for the whole winter!
Updates on this site closer to the journey. No online reporting (No cellular coverage, hahaa!).

Visa and passports received today. Team is squeezed to 4 due to work engagements. However, spirit is up yet weather forecast says rain rain rain.
Packing - unpacking - packing. Only essential stuff can be taken across the boarder.

Maintenance, trekking, some angling = acclimatisation around Iso-Syöte Natural Park area.

3. - 7.6. 
Pudasjärvi - Kuusamo - Suoperä - Pääjärvi and back.
Let the pictures tell the story.

Special thanks to Taiga Eräpalvelut Ltd.

Where our grandfathers fought 1941 - 1944, there we went now 70 years later. (dates are from summer 1941)

Pick and Choose selection process of lures, spinners, wobblers and flies can take time...

"The Knot Clinic" 

East Oil gas station at Kiimasvaara. No electricity needed in the pumps :)

Calm trolling @ Pääjärvi, the Place to be.

Bright Future @ Niska Village
The First One 

The Second

The Third

Salmon Shasimi on the go (with wasabi and soya sauce, of course)

A Day´s Catch

Happy man under the midnight sun.

Trekking to the Kolhakkojärvi for trout

Kolhakkojärvi. Lots of bear trails and droppings around (fresh).

We had couple of hours "scent of early summer". Otherwise air temp. +5C, water +4C. 

Mandatory encounter with the white tail eagle. From distance, see in the middle of the pic. 

That´s the way to celebrate the 52nd birthday. Congrats!

Slippery trail, broken wrist. Not nice.

Game Over! Thank you guys! Special thanks to Taiga Eräpalvelut / Mrs. Kaarina!