The Artic Fishing Team (a.k.a. "AFT") has made up its mind to sail in early July to Iceland.

I will update this site, blog http://arcticfishingteam2010.blogspot.com/ , too.

Stay tuned, we start to sharpen the hooks and waxing the flys!

28.2. Team set: Ahti, Tumppi, Risto, Velska, Kimmo and Jouko.

5.2. - Flights booked : in 7.7. - out 16.7. - accomodation and 2 x 4x4 cars in search.


We made it again !

7.7. ... 16.7. 2010: 
10 days, 2600km, no accidents, fish, birds, wind, volcanos, hot springs, friends, sheep, Iceland horses, hamburgers, sun shine, rain, snow, mud, seals = ICELAND, the island of Saga and Fog.