The Artic Fishing Team went to Northeast Norway during the first week of July, 2008. Of course, I took my rig with me. Totally 30kg of check-in luggage for Finnair included rods, reels, waders, rubber boots, lures and flys, some clothes and IC-7000 + LDG-7000 + laptop + antennas.

We catched 11 different spieces of fish from rivers, lakes and Polar Sea + after a hard work some 150QSOs (of that 76 in IARU HF Contest). All went well. Special QSL to be sent to all via buro, when coming from the printhouse.

My operating location was an old Norwegian fishing village inhabitated by emigrant Finnish since late 1800s.

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CUL next summer from another dual mode fishing tríp!

Bugoynes (Pykeija), KP49TX

64 good reasons to hoist your long wire up up (seen on the upper left corner)


Chief Station Supervisory, RJ, the Engineering super leutenant himself.

Lightweight, elevated radial 20m GP
GP work in progress

A Pile Up @ sea !