31465-913151.jpgJari OH6BG telling about radio propagation

100 radio amateurs from OH, SM, G, UA3, W6, EY8 ++ participated the 2nd annual CCF/OHDXF Contest and DX Cruise on the 20th to 22nd January, 2006 on a ferry between Helsinki-Stockholm-Helsinki. We enjoyed interesting presentations, good stories 
and met old and new friends.

Big hand to organizers !


m/s Viking Cinderella, call sign SEAI (ex OIZS)

left to right Ville OH2MM, Pertti OH2PM, Teemu SM0WKA and Steve K6AW exchanging good stories

Henri OH3JR, Veijo OH6KN, Juha OH8NC, Peter OH5NQ, Simo OH8OS and Jouko OH1RX toasting for Contest Year 2006

Team Arkala OH8X: Juha OH8NC, Pasi OH6UM and Veijo OH6KN

Peter OH5NQ toasting for Teemu´s SM0WKA selection to WRTC2006 as Young Team Captain, Roger G3SXW smiles and witness.

In the "Greyline": Juhani OH3SR, Risto OH3UU, Pekka OH1RY and Jaakko OH1MA

Mikhail RL3BM and Nigel G3TXF in talks about stacked beams