eats; RF cables, parmesan cheese, sour milk, cucumber, all sorts of dog food = true DXer

See the lady to run N1MM logging sw!

High humidity and sudden drop in temperature converts antennas close to unusable

my daughter Saara working Santa Claus OH9SCL

The Last WRTC2002 Beer Bottle - do not drink !

"Oscar Lima Five Italy" the Slovakian DX Beer made in Finland

Great perspective

too much aluminium at too low altitude

In contest even a prey is taken into use for multipliers ! OH0Z 2005

HF Mobile Station á la OH boys

upper part of the mobile mast

OH0Z, 6am 16.8.2009

New Yagi Outlet in the heart of Helsinki Finland :) 

LZDXC 2009 @ Robin DU9RG

LZDXC 2009 @ Robin DU9RG - great thanks OM for lending your station !

South China Sea DX Team - carrying case for essential accessories

OH1RX and Prasad VU2PTT in his shack 6.12.2009

Armstrong rotator by Prasad VU2PTT

DX Miss Misu wkd WPX RTTY AB LP - here´s the score on the chair!
IARU HF 2016 - OH2HQ @ OH1RX, the 2nd Operator!
Making QRO antenna coils from aluminium wire :)