T3DX, Western Kiribati Jan. 2006 , CANCELLED

January 4, 2006 on 12:00 pm

4rd January, 2006

T30DX PRESS RELEASE for immediate distribution

Dear DXers,

The excitement to get going has grown through the 12 months planning and preparation period. The team have had all the gear checked and packed in Finland already before Christmas holidays just waiting for the lift off.
The advice and support from the worldwide DX community has increased our knowledge and preparedness. Sponsors has given their trust and support. Local telecommunications authority has been really helpful in delivering valuable information. Big hand to OM Mote / T30MT!

All in all we have been in can-do spirit!

You can imagine the shock and frustration, when we learned just before Christmas that the air traffice services to Tarawa got suspended.
Not only were we stranded, but think about all the people living in this island nation relying only one single scheduled air route.
Our thoughts are with the people of Western Kiribati.

Since the OH PACIFIC DX 2006 TEAM has not been successful in securing flights for the coming weeks to and fro Western Kiribati, we have unfortunately been forced to call off the planned T30DX expedition. Our sincere apologies for this unfortunate result of our DX project.

However, the effort put in by the team and all of you supporting us will not be wasted. We are already preparing a fresh new start to get back to Pacific before Christmas 2006. Exact time and location will be announced in due course.

We are determined to get on air again soon - stay tuned !

best 73s



The scheduled departure from Finland to Tarawa is delayed due to the suspended operations of Air Nauru that has been exclusively serving air travel to Western Kiribati.
The team is continuously pursuing alternative travel arrangements.

Non-confirmed flight bookings have beenmade today:
QTP Tarawa 12th Jan.,
QTO Tarawa 26th Jan.
However, since return flights are open and the air service to the island is irregular, please consider this as tentative schedule only.

Please follow the recent news from this web site orwww.ohpacificdx.com.

We apologize the situation and try hard to fill the promise.



Jouko / OH1RX