OH1RX, the DX Hunter

Jan 2006

You need to be on the pulse of bands even in your cottage


   R8 installed 03082015 in the evening. Look the great sky and colors, too!


       Creative CV48 installed 09082015


          The Autumn Climb 2016 before the Major Contests. - 7th Sept, 3 pm. +18C, warm breeze. Amazing weather!



"Work all what you hear. The score and country count will take care of itself."


Clublog.org 5.2.2023 - all wkd (CW & SSB only); RTTY & FT8 not counted. https://clublog.org & lotw.arrl.org

Still plenty of band points and few countries awaiting to be logged!

CW is my mode. I have nothing against digital modes though (RTTY, FT4, FT8 etc.).

However, I say the way Tom Hanks discussed in Forrest Gump: ”My teleprint days are over. I did that more than enough in OFJ (Helsinkiradio coast station) and onboard ships in 1970/80s! And that´s all I want to say about that.”

I am not collecting countries, cards, special awards, but enjoy pile ups and nice QSOs
with skillful operators "sitting on the rock".  All my statistics are based on my own logkeeping, LotW and ClubLog.

You will not find me battling in pile ups, but I may be the first to log a dx when the band opens.
One call - logged QSO, that is my DXing pleasure!

DX Calendar, courtesy by DXNews https://dxnews.com

The Equipment:

Main station:
- Various combination of Icom, Kenwood and Yaesu radios (no preference, hi)
- uHam SO2R 

2nd station:
- Icom 765 with roofing (the great CW dxing partner been serving me for a long time)
- 2 x Kenwood TS-590 (good rx @ reasonable price!)
- Yeasu FT-847 for 6m, 4m, 2m and 70cm (if/when I have interest and time)

On the road:
- Icom 7000 
- FinnFet 500W
- autotuner + wire GPs  & loops
= total <10 kg in one aluminium case.

- JP2000
- JP 40m shorty
- Create 714X-3
- LFA 6m/4m
- Finnish Antenna "WRTC2002 Tribander"
- Cushcraft A4S- Cushcraft A3S
- R8
- Create CV48 vertical for 80/40m
- delta loops 40m and 80m
- various GPs for low bands and WARC bands
- West and North sloper dipoles for 160m
- bewerages 120m ... 240m for listening pleasure on 80m/160m to "main directions" 
- occasionally BOGs

I typically build an "antenna suite" in August for the coming contest season (Sept-April) and take it partly of it down in May.          

My 'friends' in the nearby forest (deer, hare and elgs) love to walk through my wire antenna farm and break/eat guy wires.

- 2 x 30m Aerial selfstanding, top 100m ASL
- smaller towers and 12m pole masts hoisted per need and motivation.