Motto: QSOs Before Cards !

Save your dollars and IRCs for some better purpose!
Stop mailing paper and start an environmentally friendly DXing era!

I used to collect non-seriously cards for my own DXCC country record from QSOs made as OH1RX and OH8MJ. When you have under several call signs DXCC 240+ countries you probably start getting tired playing with cards and all sorts of statistics, especially when you do not wish to subscribe DXCC or any race of country roster.

My contest call sign OH0J is serving QSLs outwards only via OH1RX / OH Bureau and per email request only toh1rx@sral.fi .
Please do not request any cards from OH0J, unless you really need a new country or an IOTA point, thanks.

I am supporting both ClubLog www.clublog.org (not OQRS) and Logs of the World (LoTW) www.lotw.arrl.org
(  NOT eQSL )

N.b. ClubLog has been in use since 23rd Feb 2014. 
I will upload older logs as they become computerized ... slowly :(


OH1RX - ALL QSOs from 23.4.1997 -> in ClubLog since 23.2.2014  and LoTW since 5.5.2014

OH8MJ - ALL QSOs from 22.4.1980 in ClubLog  and LoTW since 20.1.2015 

OH0J -> all QSOs (contest and DX) in ClubLog since 24.2.2014

VR2MJ -> QRV 1.12.1993 =>  Logs waiting for LoTW approval, STILL. No reason given for many years of delay...

OH1NYP - 4.1.1988-29.3.1997 ; some 1000 Qs waiting still for typing in to ADIF. Callsign not valid anymore.

OH0NYP - 31.1.1997 - 8.10.2006 ; only some top band QSOs made and all QSLs sent. Callsign not valid anymore.
-> ALL in ClubLog  and LoTW since 20.1.2015

9V1YB - 28.7.1989 - 18.3.1991 ; ca. 2000 QSOs waiting still for typing in to ADIF. Callsign not valid anymore.


5Z4/OH1RX ; 8.3.-9.3.2011 - ClubLog and LoTW
9M0S - considering to type in one day ; 17k QSOs
9M8JH, 9M6JO, VU3NYN, A61AD, A61AF ; ca. 10k QSOs in paper logs - any volunteers?
OH1SUF, OX/OH1RX, LA/OH1RX; all in ADIF, all QSLs sent via buro.
FO/OH6KN and FO/OH1RX -> in ClubLog and LoTW
DU/OH1RX ; -> in ClubLog
DX7X; from 20.11.2010-   -> in ClubLog

News 1.3.2014:

All, absolutely all, OH1RX, OH8MJ, OH0J/1 and OH0J non-contest QSOs have been confirmed by QSLs sent via OH buro!

" CUL on the bands - QSOs before pieces of paper called QSLs! "






I did not know until 2/2021 to have a "Pirate Restaurant OH0J" in Denmark, Copenhagen Tivoli! 
Picture: courtesy by Alan / K7ACZ.